Made It Happen
Made It Happen

How does this work?

So you've been through your first couple of months of university.

So what?

Now what?

Maybe you've aced exams and essay writing, or maybe they've been a work-in-progress; maybe things are running along as smooth as can be, or maybe your plans have done a complete 360.

Regardless of where you're at, your time at the UofS has likely had an impact on you; and surely, you've had an impact on it! Take your LC group photos, for example. These photos showcase your LC's spunk and spirit, and exemplify the power of collaborative energy.

Build on this energy!

Collaborate with your fellow LC peers, or take the initiative into your own hands to make SOMETHING happen on campus - and leave a Learning Community Legacy behind you. This "something" can be social, political, environmental, spiritual... whatever you can imagine it to be. 

How to leave your LC Legacy:

  1. Put on the wristband with your "something" in mind, and don't take it off until your "something" has been completed.
  2. Once your "something" has been completed, pass the band on, and inspire others to keep the positive energy going.
  3. Leave your LC Legacy by clicking on your LC's link (to the right) and adding your "something" to the thread.
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